What they're saying about Chris Charlton

October 30th, 2008 - 7:51pm

Representation that’s working for you and your family

“[W]ish all the MP's were as thoughtful and diligent as you are. ... You are the best rep that we have ever had. Gunna hang on to you my dear."

-Colwyn Beynon, "Dusty Corners" columnist, Hamilton Mountain News

“Thank you so much for your telephone call which I received today. I have to say that never in my life has my Member of Parliament phoned me asking what he/she could do for me or what issues they could address. To say I was gob smacked is putting it mildly! To think you would take time out of your very busy work schedule to phone constituents, well...
I applaud you and urge you to keep up the good work.”

- Michael Pocock, Hamilton Mountain Resident

“Chris Charlton stands out in Ottawa”
- Hamilton Spectator

“Chris Charlton is terrific. She’s smart, has done brilliant work for seniors, and works flat out for all her constituents. We need more like her!”
- Ed Broadbent, former MP and NDP Leader

"Charlton is conscientious, hard-working and well-organized."
- Andrew Dreschel, Hamilton Spectator

"If I can give NDP supporters in Hamilton credit for anything, they are certainly organized."
- Mark Cripps, Managing Editor, Hamilton Mountain News

“Chris Charlton has led the fight to help manufacturing, repeatedly calling for action to stop the loss of good-paying jobs, especially in Hamilton.”
- Hamilton Spectator, December 5, 2007

"We have gotten more here on the Mountain in the three years of Chris Charlton’s tenure than we did in the entire 12 years of the previous Liberal Party representative. What do you get when you elect an NDP representative is someone who cares about the community and the people who live there. You get people who try and want to make things better ... They are trying to make things better for our children, young people and seniors."
- Barbara Wilson, Letter to the Editor, Hamilton Mountain News, June 19 2009

“Chris Charlton is the kind of politician that all politicians should be. I didn’t even know the Disability Tax Credit existed, and it’s been around for over 20 years. Chris told us about it, helped us fill out the forms, and put thousands of dollars back into my pocket. That’s a politician who cares about seniors and the most vulnerable!”
- Marie McShane, one of over 1,500 people who have now received over $10 million thanks to Chris’s disability tax clinics

"Before I contacted Chris Charlton, I had almost given up hope that the government could offer me any assistance. But thanks to her single-minded and compassionate help, I was able to finally receive the veteran's pension I was entitled to."
- Dominique O'Connor

"New Democrat Chris Charlton clearly struck a nerve this week when she called on the government to bolster Canada's stingy and inequitable Employment Insurance system."
- Carol Goar, Toronto Star

"Chris Charlton and her NDP colleagues should feel pretty flattered. You may recall a few weeks back, Charlton was on “The House” explaining her motion to reform Employment Insurance. But soon, other opposition parties were picking up the EI banner... especially Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.”
- Kathleen Petty, CBC Radio’s “The House”, May 16, 2009

"I want to thank you for the efforts you are making for women who are unfairly treated by EI. My compliments go beyond that issue because I am very moved by and impressed with your manner, sincerity, compassion and calm. There are very few politicians today who handle themselves with such dignity and decorum ... Thank you for your personal integrity and your service to our country. I admire your personal thoughtfulness, civility and courtesy. We need you as our Prime Minister."
- Cam Finley, Lindsay Ontario

"Chris Charlton has a special Mother’s Day gift in mind for new or soon-to-be moms, equality when it comes to eligibility for employment insurance. "
- Hamilton Mountain News

“I’ve observed a lot of MPs over the years and few have been so focused on meeting the needs of their constituents as has Chris Charlton.”
- Hon. Bill Blaikie, Longest serving MP (28 years) and Deputy Speaker

"Thank you for all your support regarding Randle Reef. I know that you personally pushed hard to make this happen. We can't say thanks enough"
- Jim Hudson, Executive Director of the Bay Area Restoration Council after Chris helped secure $30 million in federal money toward the clean up of Randle Reef

“Kudos to Chris Charlton, for keeping her ear to the ground on local issues.”
- Tom Cooper, Community Development Coordinator

“I have to tell you I am not an NDP supporter philosophically… However, Chris, you have worked hard for us on the Hamilton Mountain and I have appreciated your regular communication to households, your involvement in the community and your passion for trade, gas gouging and our environment. I am glad my first vote for you counted. All the best in the election!”
- Christopher Clause, Mountain resident post on Chris’s facebook page

"Asked how Hamilton is better off since electing three NDPers two years ago, [Jack] Layton pointed to the work of Hamilton Mountain MP Chris Charlton. After learning of a tax exemption for seniors with disabilities, Charlton held multiple workshops in her riding and educated her colleagues about the rules ... Charlton has helped 1,500 Hamiltonians earn $10 million more in tax returns."
- Hamilton Spectator

“When Chris introduced Bill C-390 in the House of Commons, she proved that she doesn’t just talk the talk in election campaigns. She delivers for hard-working families. She’s earned the support of the Building Trades.”
- John Grimshaw, Business Manager, IBEW Local 105

“Thanks to Chris Charlton’s green energy forum for small businesses, I’m now saving money and the environment.”
- Craig Denby, owner of Quiznos Subs at 1508 Upper James

“We’ve been inundated with calls from irate consumers who know they are getting a raw deal, and still, successive governments have done nothing [about high gas prices]. Clearly, the federal government is failing to stand up for consumers. Chris Charlton’s bill would fix that.”
- Bruce Cran, President of the Consumer’s Association of Canada, on the bill Chris tabled in 2007 to set up a gas price watchdog

“I applied with the Canadian government for my permanent residency papers which took over five years to reconcile. Once Chris Charlton was elected, she worked diligently to help clear the hurdles that were preventing myself and my family from obtaining Canadian citizenship.”
- Dr. Omar Bengezi, Surgeon

“As a student, I wasn’t impressed by any political party. But Chris Charlton took the time to listen to my concerns and spoke out against the outrageous cost of education in the House of Commons. Chris impresses me. In my first election, I’m voting NDP.”
- Chris Erl, McMaster University student and graduate of St. Thomas More Secondary School

"The Hamilton and Burlington area has been well represented by MPs in opposition."
- Hamilton Spectator